Our Story

Your samosa. My mosa.

Nothing brings people together like good food. And when it came to sending our very own food truck out into the world with goodies for everyone to enjoy – we took inspiration from the timeless samosa. The ultimate comfort street food made up of savoury fried dough stuffed with magic!

But this isn’t just about India’s favourite snack. It’s about surprising taste buds with flavours from around the world. All tucked into a handcrafted triangle of flaky goodness.

Butter Chicken, Jamaican Beef, or even Wild Mushroom & Truffle. Our mighty little mosas are lovingly prepared to give you a burst of fun and global flavour in every single bite.

Because at the end of the day, we’re a home grown kitchen of third culture kids. We love that our city is home to a ton of nationalities. And we want to bring all those cultures together – one mosa at a time.

Let’s face it. Everything tastes better in a mosa!


That’s why we created a menu that takes all our favourite flavours from around the world and puts them inside a crispy pocket of yum. From Chipotle Chicken to Moroccan Lamb – it’s all in there. And we’ve also got sides and drinks inspired by our motherland to make sure that your #mymosa experience is #ahmazing!



made by hand....

filled with love....

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